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All fish are shipped safely all year round. I will replace any losses but am very successful in shipping fish

Qantas/Virgin air freight are also used all year round when requested

Since I was a child I was always running around catching and keeping various animals.
With the encouragement of my family I kept and bred fish, birds, frogs, tortoises, lizards, cats, mice, dogs, rabbits and any insects I could catch without being bitten (that's another story!)

My grandfather taught me that animals and should always be looked after and never harmed.
I was taught to keep their environment as natural as possible and they will breed ensuring survival of their species. I am proud to run my business as officially Carbon neutral.
Keeping fish is my passion. I love the thrill of seeing fry emerge from the breeding caves.
I have been selling fish for over 30 years and am happy to help my customers.

These tiny animals all have a personality and mind of their own just like little people.
I carefully select all of my fish individually from around the country to ensure I breed the highest quality and best looking stock. 

I keep my water pristine and feed all of my fish on a large mix of the best available foods.
I sell my fish at a very fair price to allow all people with a love of fish like I have to be able to enjoy the hobby!

I am a trusted registered small business with a great reputation and always willing to help.
Currently studying Animal Science/Vet studies at University with plans to be a fish vet!

Thanks for supporting my business
Welcome to Nat's Fish

Shipping Information 


Pickup is in Coledale Beach just south of Sydney.
If I am travelling somewhere I will usually advertise free delivery to help people out too.

Delivery of fish starts at only $10 with full DOA replacement cover. 
​I carefully put all bags into insulated foam boxes that are well sealed to keep heat inside the box as much as possible.

You will be sent a tracking number that you can enter below.

How to ship fish as showed by popular youtuber Cory from Aquarium Co-op.

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