Stage Three : Fry

At this stage I would remove all fry and place into a Ziss fry saver/Breeding box (see below).

This makes it easy to feed and keep away from predators.

Stage 3

Stage One: Eggs.
Most of the time you will not see eggs as they are often laid deep in a pleco cave.

I would leave the eggs in the care of the male. The only time I would tumble eggs is if the eggs have been kicked. This is sometimes due to another male  or due to the eggs not being fertile

Breeding resources

Stage two : Wrigglers

At this stage the eggs now have tails and eyes. 
Most of the time it's still safe to leave in cave with the adult fish.
You can remove eggs from the cave and tumble very lightly. This can take stress off the fish as most do not eat when on eggs/ wrigglers.

Stage One


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Breeding your fish

Looking into your tank to see gorgeous little fry swimming around busily or a male guarding a big batch of eggs is a truly amazing and rewarding experience.
​I will provide all buyers with specific details, triggers and water parameters to breed their fish. 

As a basic guide if you have compatible mature fish, good quality water conditions, good quality food and most importantly PATIENCE your fish will breed.

As the site grows I will continue to provide detailed information about successful breeding results I have had

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