I keep my water pristine and feed all of my fish on a large mix of high quality Repashy foods.
I sell my fish at a very fair price to allow all people with a love of fish like I have to be able to enjoy the hobby!

I am a trusted registered small business with a great reputation and always willing to help. I am a qualified Animal Scientist and have studied courses such as Animal Welfare, Aquatic Ecology & Animal Nutrition with further study planned when time permits.


Hi, I’m Nathan but have always been called Nat after a famous surfer.

Since a young age I’ve always been fascinated by nature, particularly anything aquatic.

My family were very supportive and allowed me to keep and breed a large range of animals. I started studying animal courses as a teenager. I am now an Animal Scientist and still planning on further study when time permits.

When growing up in the country I remember how frustrating it was not being able to source some of the fish and other animals kids in the city could. After realising just how popular my fish were I started shipping them to customers in the country and interstate.

I’ve wanted to expand my business but with work and study I didn’t have the time to be at a shop all day so I decided to have this website built. I really hope you enjoy it. I’d recommend always using the search bar and the frequently asked questions to find what you’re looking for.

My goal is to supply you with high quality fish and products quickly and at an affordable price. Thanks so much for supporting my small business. It really is appreciated