Frequently Asked Questions

If you have read the FAQ below please fill in this contact form. I’ll be in touch ASAP. 

I cannot take orders or questions via phone, email or social media.

Do you have more photos of your fish?

I have put all available photos on the website. Like the vast majority of businesses I use stock photos. They generally show what a species looks like at adult size in a well lit tank however fish may vary from stock photos. It’s not possible to take photos on request due to time constraints & people unfortunately stealing my photos for their own ads

Do you have or can you get this fish?

I am always looking to stock interesting and popular fish. If a particular fish or product doesn’t come up on the search bar it means I have been unable to source it or there hasn’t been enough interest to justify buying in bulk or devoting a tank to.

Can I come have a 'look'?

No sorry, I am not open to the public to keep prices down and do not keep my fish at my house

What's the ETA on a specific fish or product?

As fish breed and grow at different rates just as fish and products cannot always be sourced I am unable to give ETAs.

I keep all prices as low as possible considering the high quality fish and products I sell. Prices are always firm and subject to change
Sexes / Colours / Sizes?

If a species is not listed as for example male halfmoon betta then it is sold as unsexed. The time constraints when packing orders to meet a courier deadline make it impractical to sex fish and I’d recommend buying a few to increase your chances of getting both sexes

Fish lose colour when they are shipped and will colour more as they settle in. Fish often get more colourful as they mature too. If a species is advertised as a particular colour all care will be taken to provide this colour however if it’s not available it will be replaced with as similar alternative as possible or I will contact you.

Sizes listed are estimates as it’s not practical to measure thousands of fish however these estimates will be as close as possible to actual head to end of tail size. Fish may be smaller or larger than advertised

Do you wholesale?

No, I don’t sorry. I am happy to accommodate bulk orders if you select multiple buys of 10 at that price

Do you ship to WA?

I ship weekly to WA via Virgin air freight however courier ETAs are too slow and unreliable at the moment for me to risk losing fish. Please request an air freight quote and I will email you back. You will need to book your own quarantine inspection for air freight at a small fee