20 Litre Bucket Biopure Bacteria House Bio Balls – Used

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20 Litre Bucket Biopure Bacteria House Bio Balls – Used


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20 Litre bucket used

Much like the MarinePure balls, Biopro Biopure Balls are made from a porous material that is excellent for housing millions of beneficial bacteria. Biopure Balls have been heated to over 1300°c for 60hrs. During the heating process, the ceramic expands and breaks its bonds creating an extremely porous ball which is perfect for housing billions of beneficial bacteria giving them the name “bacteria house”. Biopro Piopure Balls are so effective that a single Ball is equivalent to several kilo’s of ceramic noodles (more than 10x its weight) or 1000’s of bio balls

Biopro Biopure Balls are extremely effective in reducing ammonia and nitrate in the water, Each 1L of Bakki Balls will hold enough bacteria to stabilize 1000L of aquarium water. They are PH neutral making them perfect for all water types. Biopure Balls are ideal for your canister filter baskets and sumps.

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