50 Pack Chameleon/Ninja Shrimp (freshwater) (Caridina sp. ‘WA 4’) Please read more

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50 Pack Chameleon/Ninja Shrimp (freshwater) (Caridina sp. ‘WA 4’) Please read more


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50 Pack of Chameleon/Ninja Shrimp (freshwater) (Caridina sp. ‘WA 4’)

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These are a native freshwater shrimp from WA & NT that change colour from red, blue, purple, chocolate brown, maroon, transparent, black & stripes. They are really cool. They are roughly the same size as cherry shrimp (1.5-2cm) & won’t cross breed with cherry shrimp.They are not brackish as some myths suggest. They grow and breed prolifically in freshwater. They prefer warm water but adapt well to as low as 18-20 degrees and as high as 31 in my personal experiences. Fed on Repashy Grub Pie that I also sell here

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